Certificate Rates
Effective 4/8/2014
6 months0.40%0.40%
12 months0.60%0.60%
18 months0.70%0.71%
24 months0.90%0.90%
36 months1.20%1.21%

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Audio Response Teller

You can access your accounts with Texas Plains Federal Credit Union by phone 24 hours a day, and get information on your shares, share draft or loan accounts. You can also withdraw funds by check and have it mailed to the address on the system. All you need is a touch tone telephone the telephone number (806)342-5800 or 1-888-723-2848 and your personal identification number which can be set up by an employee of the credit union. Once you have these things you have the following at your fingertips.
  • Check the balance of your accounts

  • Get a list of checks that have paid

  • Transfer funds between accounts

  • Withdraw funds by check made payable to you

  • Check deposits that have been posted to your accounts

  • Check Electronic Withdrawals

  • Transfer loan payments out of your share or share draft account

Audio Response is really very simple.
Once you have been signed up with a PIN, you do one step at a time.

How to Begin:
Call 342-5800 or 1-888-723-2848
Enter your Member Number followed by the # sign
Enter your Access Code _ _ _ _ (do not enter the # sign)
Enter a 2 digit Action Code or 99 for a list of Action Codes

Share Types                                       History
01 Regular Shares                                 50 Last 5 Checking Deposits
02 Share Draft (Checking)                     51 Last 5 Share Deposits
04 Special Shares                                  52 Last 5 Share Withdraws
10 IRA                                                  53 Last 5 ATM Transactions
23-26 Term Certificates                         54 Last 5 ACH (Electronic) Deposits
                                                              55 Last 5 ACH (Electronic) Withdraws
10 Transfer from share to checking or checking to share
11 Share to loan transfer                                  Checking Account Inquiries
17 Check withdraw from shares                       40 Last 5 Checks Cleared
                                                                        41 Last Checking Deposit
                                                                        42 Checks Cleared by Check Number

Balance Inquires
30 Checking Account Balance
31 Share Account Balance                          Other Codes
32 Loan Balance                                         ## Escape Current Action
33 Certificate Balance                                 96 Change Access Code
                                                                  99 For Assistance