About Us

The Texas Plains Federal Credit Union Story

Texas Plains Federal Credit Union was founded in 1940 in Amarillo to serve local telephone company employees. Over the years the field of membership has grown to include the employees of other firms, members of various cooperatives, and the residents of all or part of several Texas counties.

We pride ourselves on offering the latest, most convenient, products possible but with a personal service you just can’t find anywhere else.

Our tagline “Just plain Texas … just like you!” represents our commitment to becoming the very best at providing you with the basic financial services and advice you need in your daily life, without the frills and complications that we’ve found just tend to get in the way. Sure, we’ll have all the technology available to make things easy for you in this fast-paced world, but we’ll never get away from the idea that it’s the basics that really matter. It’s as plain as that.