Surcharge Free ATM Locations

Texas Plains Federal is happy to provide our members with a variety of surcharge free ATM locations. Read below to find an ATM near you!


MoneyPassWe have partnered with MoneyPass to give our members the most flexibility when it comes to finding a surcharge free ATM in literally thousands of locations across the country. Local MoneyPass locations include but are not limited to Happy State, First United, and Firstbank Southwest branch locations; select Sam's Club and Walmart locations; and many more! Click the MoneyPass logo to go to their ATM locator. There is also a MoneyPass Locator app for your iPhone or Android device.

Amarillo Area

Amarillo Community FCU
Main Branch

6100 I-40 West

Amarillo Community FCU
VA Medical Center

6010 Amarillo Blvd

West Amarillo Community FCU
Western Branch

6030 South

Western Amarillo Community FCU
Ross-Osage Branch

2323 Ross-Osage

Amarillo Community FCU
Grand Branch

2410 North Grand

Amarillo Community FCU
Tyson Branch

FM Road 1912 & Hwy 66E

Amarillo Community FCU
Owens Corning

1701 Hollywood Road


Amarillo Community FCU
Pampa Branch

900 North Hobart


Alliance FCU
Main Branch

8401 Quaker Avenue

Alliance FCU
Central Branch

2220 34th Street

Alliance FCU
Northwest Branch

1008 Frankford Avenue

Alliance FCU
South Branch

2404 82nd Street

Alliance FCU
Southwest Branch

6716 82nd Street

Alliance FCU
Medical District

3802 24th Street

Branch Locations

Allsup's – 502 W. Main St.

Allsup's – 205 S. Main St.

Allsup's – 517 SW. 2nd St.
Allsup's – 805 NW. 6th St.

Spur (no branch)
Allsup's – 322 W Hill St