Member Rewards Program

Texas Plains FCU Member Rewards ProgramMay & June 2019: You can double your rewards discount when you finance or refinance an auto loan. Talk to a loan officer for detials!

Member Rewards is a program where you can earn a discount on your next loan just by using more of our products and services. It's our way of saying "Thanks - we appreciate having you as a member!" Each service you use at Texas Plains Federal increases your reward level. Levels for awards are bronze, sliver, and gold. The more services you utilize the better your reward.

Level Discount Qualification
Bronze 0.25% Off Minimum of 3 services (ex: Checking, Savings, Debit Card)
Silver 0.50% Off Minimum of 4 services (ex: Bronze + any Loan)
Gold 0.75% Off Minimum of 6 services (ex: Silver + Direct Deposit + CD)