Sign up for e-Statments and you will receive an email each month when your online account statement is available. You'll be able to login, view and print your E-Statements at any time.

With e-Statements you can:

  • Eliminate paper clutter - organize account statements electronically.
  • Access up to 12 months of statements - open statements online in one convenient location.
  • View statements as soon as they're available - stop waiting for the mail.
  • Protect yourself against identity theft - feel safer with fewer account documents in your mailbox.

In addition, e-Statements also:

  • Help the environment - by reducing paper use.
  • Are FREE - for all Online Banking members.

Steps to Sign Up for e-Statements:

  1. Login to Online Banking.
  2. Select the Statements tab from the top of the page.
  3. Click on the e-Statements  button.